8 great sites to grow the perfect garden


Spring is here and in full swing. Hopefully your garden is starting to blossom as well. Whether you're an expert gardener with a green thumb, or just a beginner, you can use these 8 sites to help your garden grow more fruitful.


GardenGuides - Gardening can be a relaxing hobby, or it can be incredibly frustrating. Weeds can run rampant, and your plants could be withering away.

That's why you should check out Garden Guides. This site has a ton of free advice on gardening. You can learn about plant types, garden design and gardening phases.

PlantNative - PlantNative is dedicated to helping people learn about native plants. At this site, you can research hundreds of native plants, find nurseries, and access how-to articles for making native plant garden!

Smart Gardener - Want to eat tasty, healthy food for less? Smart Gardener can teach you how to grow your food yourself. Sign up and learn everything you need to know about starting, maintaining and harvesting your edible garden.

Sprout It - When you want to start your own herb or vegetable garden, you can turn to Sprout It for help. It has a comprehensive list of flora that will thrive in your garden. Each item will have details on how to grow it, the environment it needs to thrive, and its level of difficulty.

Tree care - If you learned anything from The Lorax, it's that trees are useful things to have around. National Arborists has a lot of great information on caring for your trees so they stay healthy.

National Gardening Association's Weed Library - How can you get rid of a weed for good? Visit this site to find out. It tells you what weeds you have, where they thrive, and tips on getting rid of them permanently.

Grows On You and MyGarden - Want to brag about your green thumb? Social networks for gardeners can help. Grows On You is a fun online gardening community. It has hundreds of pictures posted by other gardeners, from petunias to privets. At MyGarden, share your triumphs and troubles with other gardeners. You can upload photos of your progress, then swap information with other site users.

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