Diane Sward Rapaport: Multidirectional Talent

Diane Sward Rapaport is a published writer, editor and publisher with expertise in three different areas: music business; environmental soil and groundwater remediation; and Taoist health practices.


Music Business
Rapaport is a pioneer of music business education for musicians. She began offering business courses for musicians in 1974, after working for five years as an artist’s manager for Bill Graham’s Fillmore Management in San Francisco. She worked with Lamb, Pamela Polland, Victoria and for a short time, the Pointer Sisters.

In 1979, How to Make and Sell Your Own Record, her first book, was published by Putnam; and later co-published with Prentice-Hall. It has been called the “bible and basic text” that has helped revolutionize the recording industry by providing information about setting up new recording labels independent of major label conglomerates. It was updated five times and sold more than 200,000 copies. It is now out of print.

In 2002, A Music Business Primer, her second book, was co-published by Prentice Hall. It contains chapters on how interlocking aspects of the business work to further a musician’s career.

In 1991, she founded Jerome Headlands Press, a company that produces and designs books for musicians and artists. Its current catalog includes The Musician’s Business and Legal Guide, which is also available as an e-Book through VitalSource (http://store.vitalsource.com/show/978-0-615-34219-1). Four books are now out of print: catalog includes A Music Business Primer; How to Make and Sell Your Own Recording; The Visual Artist’s Business and Legal Guide and The Acoustic Musician’s Guide to Sound Reinforcement and Live Recording.

Ms. Rapaport has given numerous music business seminars and workshops for colleges, nonprofit music businesses and music conferences and has served as an adjunct professor of music business at the University of Colorado, Denver.

Environmental Remediation
In 1981, Diane Rapaport founded Ad Works, an advertising and public relations company. Her main clients were companies that remediated contaminated soil and groundwater or designed environmental monitoring equipment. They included Jerome Instrument Corporation (mercury detection instrumentation); Arizona Instrument Corporation (moisture analyzers, underground fuel tank leak detectors and mercury detection instrumentation); Tracer Research Corporation (fuel storage tank leak detection) and RETEC, Inc an environmental remediation firm. On their behalf, she wrote and published over 50 articles in such technical publications as “Environmental Protection” and “Chemical Engineering.”

Taoist Health Practices
In 1993, Ms Rapaport started taking classes in tai chi and qigong (chi gung), Chinese health practices with Bruce Frantzis, the first Westerner to earn authentic lineages in these arts. She earned teaching certificates in Wu Tai Chi and Dragon and Tiger medical chi gung, Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body chi gung and teaches these practices in the outback of Eastern Oregon. She also did substantive editing for some of Frantzis books, including Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong and Tai Chi Health for Life. She wrote the introduction for the latter book: “Getting Older, Feeling Younger.” http://www.energyarts.com

Current Work: Diane Rapaport is currently writing a history/personal memoir of the 1970’s and 1980’s in Jerome, Arizona titled Home Sweet Jerome.

She holds a Master Degree in Renaissance Literature and History from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Diane's Home Sweet Jerome vignettes can be read on:
Home Sweet Jerome vignettes may be read on

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