Some members of our older population face a unique problem of identification. They were born at home on the ranch.

In Alberta Creamers case, the doctor turned the buggy around and returned to Burns after he heard that she had already arrived. In other cases, the mid-wife did not do the paperwork. For most of their lives, it was just an interesting point of conversation.

New rules for illegal immigration, however, have produced rules for identification that they cannot comply with to maintain their drivers license. Namely…. a Birth Certificate.


In some cases witnesses such as family friends and older relatives may have departed. Church records or even communities may have disappeared. The individual may know where they were born …… but cannot provide proof!

So, if you (or a relative) are in this predicament, there are remedies to be found. After applying for a replacement Birth Certificate, the agency responsible for Vital Statistics will write a letter that no birth certificate was filed. The source may vary with states. Take the letter and other forms of identification, along with another person, to the DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles.

Frustration is understandable if DMV personnel have not been trained in this circumstance (as has happened in the case of temporary staff). They have rejected verbal explanations. The other person can take notes and help maneuver thru the paper process with a more detached perspective than if their own license were in jeopardy. ****

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