Reproductions of a historic 1907 map of Harney County, Oregon is available at His Cuts in Burns. Located 181 N. Broadway Ave., in Burns 97720, .

This map was “compiled from official records on file in the land office at Burns and in the County Court House.” It was the year before the Blue Mountain Forest Reserve became the Malheur National Forest and the year before the P-Ranch became the Malheur National Refuge. It shows “Steins Mountains,” (named after a cavalry surveyor), Catlo Valley, a railroad the was surveyed and never built, a ten mile wide road easement, as well as meteorological information of the day (Hint: It was warmer winters, cooler summers and wetter than experienced in recent history).

This map was a family heirloom from the family of homesteaders Charles Walker and his son Carle C. Walker, who are well documented in the Harney County patent books. The map is available in two sizes (17x26.6 and 26x40.8 inches) to accommodate various wall spaces and reproduced on a vinyl paper for durability. Priced at $25 and $45 respectively.

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