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If you are a regular Reader, you will notice major changes in our format and name.  As we mentioned in earlier editions, different computer programs and expanded coverage areas require that we grow into a web site.  While the name Round Robin fitted our family style of forwarding news, its lack of originality obviously does not work for a web address.  At the same time, some Readers expressed a desire to keep the familiar moniker in some form.  We began the search for a name that was not googled in 100 forms and allowed for a .com.   

Harney County’s own Mike Bentz once nicknamed a family enterprise in Virginia Valley “Fizzle Flat.” While that ranch now has different owners and name, the reference to Fizzle Flat still embodies much of the regional experience. 

Several readers selected the name from a pool of other suggestions.  After making the choice, and finding it google free…. now Google declares the name unoriginal.  There is a Fizzle Flat Texas, Fizzle Flat Farm in Illinois, and Fizzle Flat soil type.   Almost three million references at times.  Nevertheless, as ordinary as if might be, please join us as we move ahead to Fizzle Flat….. an experiment in progress.

“Our”  Humble Beginnings:

As an experimental e-alternative newsletter, The Round Robin published 37 editions,  several special editions and promo announcements between February 1 and December 13, 2011.

The intent was to provide investigative coverage and discussion on topics not found elsewhere, as well as Reader centered news items. By presenting varied and opposing opinions, we hoped to dispel rumors and give voice to unspoken truths.

The plan was to focus on issues affecting local politics, business services and the arts. We hope you found the articles engaging for a general audience while offering more in-depth information in its focal points via internet links.

As with any experiment, the format was primitive and has evolved with Reader participation. No official timeline or content has been set. We used the name Round Robin, in the tradition of a family news source with a central hub.

Due in large part to the “forward button,” The Round Robin has found its way across the country via family and friends of former residents.  One response came from the United Kingdom!!  While we cannot track number of Readers forwarded, the number of core mailing list receivers has circled around six hundred.  Variations in that number are largely attributed to experiments in rural program delivery systems.  It is hoped that this web site will address the program incompatibilities and allow growing participation.

We hope you continue to review our growing website tabs.

With the Round Robin, and now the Fizzle Flat: Round Robin, we have been building a base to provide a central connection between the different organizations, events, services, businesses and agencies.  This would be done by providing "links", mini pages, banner ads and event notification (as paid advertising) with free event notification (calendar posts).  The goal would be to recognize all of our community resources, with the option of paid promotions (fuller coverage)  All of this work is to culminate in a business that can provide an income for myself and support/create other jobs.

An endless number of hours and resources has already been expended to get the Fizzle Flat: Round Robin to "hatch" and the continuing demands to meet those goals.  This project began a year ago with a single piece of legislation.  From research and writing articles to selling reproductions of a family heirloom map to pay for a web site, it has been a slow growing process. 

In February we had 981 sites visit the Fizzle Flat,with 59,100 hits, 11,554 pages read, and 2,526 visits.  With success comes imitation.  NO business can compete with the financial resources of the government or grants.  So, the community will have to decide if it wants to support free enterprise or be spoon fed until the plastic spoon breaks.

Barbara Cannady, Editor
Fizzle Flat:  Round Robin

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