Clouds (Viewing Harney County from afar)

Our international poet has another contribution.  We welcome these contributions, but remind you that all opinions expressed are those of their owners.
Wordsworth wandered lonely as a cloud
Of daffodils he saw a crowd
With the worldwide web I need not wander,
I can just Google Harney from my cloud –----- and ponder
I Googled Harney from my cloud
Abandoned hopes just cried out loud,
No fields of corn, scarce herds of cows
No flocks of sheep seeking grass to browse
I Googled Harney from my cloud
Only BLM sagebrush standing high and proud
Lush green pastures do not abound
Most Farmers have to pump water from the ground
I Googled Harney from my cloud
Of separate cities some are insanely proud
No interstates, no railway lines
How the hell do I get from Burns to Hines
I Googled Harney from my cloud
Feckless, failures of leaders, their heads unbowed
Work is short, prospects frighteningly few
A young generation consigned to the unemployment queue
I Googled Harney from my cloud
The sheriff’s siren was awfully loud
Was I speeding, I said not, did he heed me, not a jot
He set a fine a helluva lot, the justice cut it, said twas tommyrot
I Googled Harney from my cloud
Few fun things to do are legally allowed
Exceed 55 & the law will demand you must stop
Total insanity, cannabis is Americas top cash crop
I Googled Harney from my cloud
With natural beauty it is so well endowed
A tourist destination it could so well be made
Court & Chamber just lack the competence to drive that upgrade
I Googled Harney from my cloud
Suffocated in a pervasive BLM generated death shroud
Oh to have sensible, rational, constructive bunny huggers
Harney has too many interfering, grasping, selfish, self righteous buggers
I Googled Harney from my cloud
From Denio through Burns towards Bend we ploughed
The roads they were clear,
the roads they were straight
But this time I knew where the Dawgs like to lie in wait!!
I Googled Harney from my cloud
The economy has made so many wrinkle browed
Berle said “you can lead a man to congress but you can’t make him think”.
The same sure applies to 450 N. Buena Vista – at least that’s what I think
I Googled Harney from my cloud
Bankers caught short when their fixed markets all crashed in a heap
Bailed out by the country but thanks from them -- not a cheep
Can you borrow cash for your home or business again – please get real
You can’t fit a profile designed to keep cash in the banks grip of steel
I Googled Harney from my cloud
Politicians ape their heroes in congress, the USA closed Oh what a mess
Official DC data is just a hoot; is Harney any better the answer is moot
These fools have the people all cowed, no cash, no clout, no jobs, no hope
Pray god you all remember this next you vote –-- anyone for Tea?
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