Here are just a few unrelated facts that sometimes arrive as an ahhh-haaaaa moment:


  1.  Planning for our local Comprehensive Land Use Review is underway.  Local meetings will be announced after a practice meeting vets out possible opposition and arguments.  With prepared responses the meetings are expected to move along smoothly.


  2. Judge Steven Grasty’s brother, Brent Grasty, is the Environmental Planner for the Vale BLM District.

  3. The reason that the Burns Times Herald did not report on the Malheur Refuge occupation is that they were asked not to give Ammon Bundy a platform, as reported by Samantha White at a journalism conference.

  4. Petition signatures are public record.  A copy of the petition to recall Judge Grasty was at the June 1 Community Response Team meeting.  It was not on the agenda nor discussed within the meeting.

  5. County Planner, Brandon McMullen, recently accused me of “coloring” my articles.  I forwarded the following response to him and Judge Grasty:


Brandon,                                                                                     May 25, 2016


In a world where commentary seems to fill the airwaves and print, I have often wanted to tell the speaker to curb their tongue and just report happenings.   The audience is capable of forming their own opinions.  And in most cases, a reporter’s opinion should be a moot point in a statement of record.  


My perspective is based on being raised on the likes of Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, Chet Huntley and Edward R. Murrow.  IMHO, these were true journalists as opposed to today’s media that seeks to shape public opinion. 


I am perplexed at being accused of “coloring” the following update on a planning process that I consider very important to the future of our County.   In an effort to be a better reporter, I must examine the complaint and alternative presentations.  The article follows with sources and my opinions inserted: 




At the request of Judge Steve Grasty, the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) attended a County Court meeting and offered funding towards a review of our Comprehensive Land Use Plan specific to their Goal 5.  (Per Steve Grasty in Budget Board meeting)  Goal 5 provides statewide planning goals and guidelines for natural resources, scenic and historic areas and open spaces.  (Per LCDC website) 


Our County Commissioners accepted the offer of funding with the option to say “NO Thank You” at the end of the lengthy process. (Per County Court meetings)  Harney County will be the first to initiate this process with the State.  (Per Brandon McMullen) 


Harney County Planning Department has received $30,000 to hire Stan Foster, of PARC Resources, as facilitator and a Public Outreach Coordinator.  The Outreach Coordinator position was advertised at the Employment Office and has been hired as an hourly position not to exceed $10,000.  (IMHO:  This is good.  Based on performance and sets a cap without ongoing benefits.  Was expecting announcement in County paper and website.)  Mr. Foster’s contract was negotiated and not put out for bid.  (IMHO:  Stan Foster is a respected planner.   He has worked on multiple projects in Harney County, although I cannot name them.  Was expecting advertisement for bid in County paper and website.) 


Planning Director, Brandon McMullen, has been working with two LCDC employees to arrange a “technical” meeting prior to the actual Goal 5 process.  All meetings should be advertised and open to the public.  (Per Brandon McMullen) 


Hopefully public lands will be included in this process and permissions will be sought where private lands are involved.  (PERSONAL OPINION)   **** 


I remember consciously trying to strip this article of personal bias towards administrative styles.  Upon review, I fail to see the statements as coloring the facts.  Where?  


Barbara Cannady


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