Retirement Future As Planned By Judge Steven Grasty


Judge Grasty is planning to retire at the end of 2016. 

He began the last County Court meeting in May by dispelling rumors that he had opposed investments of Google and Facebook in Harney County.  He reported learning after the fact that Facebook had invested $500,000 in infrastructures in Harney County.  

So, yours truly, asked him to dispel another rumor on June 1.  Namely that he was going to continue on as a consultant to the County Court.

  The answers were first varied from that would be up to the new County Commissioners to, my plans are to retire, to there are so many rumors out there that I am not going to answer that.  Breaking for lunch he told me that his plans were to retire but he may volunteer to clean the mural in the Court House Foyer and arrange for historic pictures of all the previous elected officials to be placed in the Court House.  Whether the County would agree to compensate for those costs would be up to the new commission. 

When Holly Smith brought up the same rumor during the Budget hearing process, Judge Grasty was more specific. 

Upon retirement, Judge Steven Grasty plans to start a Community Support Committee.  This would entail a Legal Defense Fund and Political Action Committee (PAC).  He noted that several other counties would be losing officials to retirement soon (suggesting possible membership). 

Commissioner Grasty wants to work on “policy” and serve on various committees.  He had noted some meetings back that he would be interested in serving on the Steens Mountain Advisory Committee (SMAC). 

Grasty mentioned several times in the day that he has (as of June 1, 2016) served 17 years, 5 months and ½ day. 

Observation:  Harney County operates without an organizational chart and employee handbook – policy.   

A recall election will be held prior to June 28, 2016.