A recall petition has been filed and approved for Circulation for Signatures with the Oregon State Elections Division. Petition ID RC-2016-01 was received and filed on March 28 2016 with Brenda Percy, Grant County Clerk.
This recall is based on the following items written on the petition.
*Mr. Britton has consistently failed to represent the citizens on road and access issues. He violated county ordinance 2013-01 in which he was personally involved in creating and signed into law on May 22, 2013.
*Refusal to call for investigation on the 2015 Canyon Creek Complex Fire which burned over 50 structures and 110,000 acres; despite the overwhelming continued request by the majority of his constituents.
*Failure to recuse himself as a County Commissioner in decisions with agencies and individuals of which he has not only benefited personally but financially.
*Deliberately misrepresented his intentions of attending a community meeting on January 26, 2016 acting in the capacity as Grant County Commissioner.
These items are known to be factual and are included on the petition for those signing the petition to see.
The Chief Petitioner is Julie Carr.
There are trained Signature Circulators in all of the outlying communities in Grant County. If you would like to sign this recall petition you may call 541-620 4438, or 541-620-0231 for contact information for the Circulators in your area.
If you are a registered voter in Grant County, then you may sign the petition using the signature contained in your voter registration record.


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