At the request of Judge Steve Grasty, the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) attended a County Court meeting and offered funding towards a review of our Comprehensive Land Use Plan specific to their Goal 5.  Goal 5 provides statewide planning goals and guidelines for natural resources, scenic and historic areas and open spaces.


Our County Commissioners accepted the offer of funding with the option to say “NO Thank You” at the end of the lengthy process.  Harney County will be the first to initiate this process with the State.



Harney County Planning Department has received $30,000 to hire Stan Foster, of PARC Resources, as facilitator and a Public Outreach Coordinator.  The Outreach Coordinator position was advertised at the Employment Office and has been hired as an hourly position not to exceed $10,000.  Mr. Foster’s contract was negotiated and not put out for bid.


Planning Director, Brandon McMullen, has been working with two LCDC employees to arrange a “technical” meeting prior to the actual Goal 5 process.  All meetings should be advertised and open to the public.


Hopefully public lands will be included in this process and permissions will be sought where private lands are involved.

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