MORE $$$ FOR LESS….. groceries.

Have you noticed the change in packaging that is becoming a normal practice on your grocery shelf?  I first noticed that the pineapple can did not seem to fill the serving dish with the same volume.


The practice is designed to keep your grocery bill the same while absorbing the rising costs of getting the product to the shelf.

The increase in fuel, minimum wages, containers, and the like will all have an effect.


Rather than increase price, many distributors are hiding the costs with smaller packaging, or merely changing the volume weight.  Is this following the example of the airlines which saved hundreds of thousands by eliminating one olive in each martini?  Hard to say, but it seems to be the trend.


For example, what used to be a 2 lb. container of cottage cheese is not labeled 24 oz., or 1lb 8oz.  And, yes, the container is smaller but looks “normal” when you open it.  The lid size is the same but the container is shorter and the plastic wall is not as heavy.  Oh, surprise, the Greek Yogurt comes in this very same container with a different label, saving design costs.


Oh, well we all wanted to eat less anyway.  This system is here to help!!